Certificates of Deposit

Safe and secure savings

CDs are a great way to earn higher returns on your money over a fixed amount of time.

Which CD is best for you?

All of our CDs come with no monthly fees, automatic renewal, guaranteed rates and FDIC insurance.

Personal CD specials

  • Rates and terms vary
  • Specials may be available for a limited time
  • Different CD products are featured throughout the year
  • Minimum opening deposit of $1,000
  • Fixed rates for the term you choose

Personal CD rates

  • $1,000 minimum deposit for terms greater than 31 days
  • $2,500 minimum deposit for terms of 7 to 31 days
  • Fixed rates for the term you choose
  • Terms available from 7 days up to 60 months

Can't Lose CD rates

  • Add new funds at your current rate, or lock in at a higher rate with a new CD
  • Minimum opening deposit of $1,000
  • Maximum additional deposit of $10,000 after the first 12 months of your term
  • One penalty-free withdrawal after the first 12 months of your term
  • 30-month term

Stepped Rate CD rates

  • Rates and annual percentage yield for all 4 years are disclosed when the account is opened
  • Minimum opening deposit of $1,000
  • One additional deposit up to $10,000 per year
  • Penalty-free withdrawals 24 months after the initial deposit
  • 48-month term

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  • 1

    One withdrawal may be made without penalty if the initial deposit has been on deposit at least twelve (12) months prior to withdrawal. Additional deposits must have been on deposit for at least seven (7) calendar days and no partial withdrawals may have been made in the preceding six (6) days.

  • 2

    One additional deposit up to $10,000 is permitted once every 12 months from the date of opening or renewal. Withdrawals are allowed, penalty free, after the initial 24 months provided that the funds have remained on deposit for at least seven (7) calendar days and there have been no partial withdrawals for at least six (6) calendar days preceding the withdrawals.

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